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Hire An Electrician To Install Your Wall TV So The Cord Is Out Of Sight

If you just bought a big TV to mount on the wall in your family room, you'll need an electrician to install it so there's an outlet behind the TV to make the wires invisible. This is a much better look than letting the wires hang down to plug into an outlet near the floor. Here's what's involved with installing a wall-mount TV.

Choose The TV Location

An ideal place to mount a wall TV is above an outlet. That just makes it easier to run wires from the old outlet to the outlet you plan to install behind the TV once it's on the wall. If the new outlet will be in the same wall cavity as an old outlet, all the electrician has to do is fish wire down the cavity. This could make installation less expensive than if an old outlet isn't available.

Cut A Hole For The New Outlet

The electrical contractor will probably install the TV mount so the ideal location for the new outlet can be identified. Once that's done, the electrician can cut a hole to the exact size of the box that will hold the outlet so the box can be installed into the drywall. When the hole is complete, the contractor can use fish tape to pull new electrical wiring from the new hole down to the old outlet. The old outlet has to be removed so the wiring and be pulled out of the hole. When finished, a new wire will be behind the wall with both ends sticking out of outlet holes, with one end on the top and one on the bottom.

Attach The Wiring

The wiring at the bottom of the wall is attached to the old outlet and the old outlet is placed back in the wall. The cover plate is put back on, and the old outlet looks just like it did before. The new outlet box is then screwed to the drywall so it's stable. Wiring passes through the back of the box so it can attach to the new outlet. Once that's done, the cover plate is put on and the new outlet is ready to use.

The electrician may have a few installation steps to finalize with mounting the TV. When that's done, the TV is plugged into the new outlet so the plug and cord are out of sight. Power is restored, and the TV is checked to make sure the new outlet is getting power. 

For more information, contact a local electrical contractor