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Signs You Might Need A New Electrical Panel And How The Replacement Process Works

Keeping the electricity running throughout your home isn't just a want; it's a necessity. Without a functioning electrical panel, you would end up in the dark with appliances that don't work, such as your refrigerator and television. But how will you know if your electrical panel needs replacing? A few signs can easily indicate whether this panel needs replacing or not, so if you happen to notice any of the following signs, be sure to hire an electrician to assist in safely completing the replacement.

How to Tell If Your Electrical Panel Needs Replacing

Most electrical panels only need replacing every few decades, so if you recently got a new one, you probably don't need a replacement. However, if you've never replaced the electrical panel and it's the same one you've had in your home for 20 or even 30+ years, it's likely best to get it replaced soon.

Aside from the age of the electrical panel, there are a few other signs that could let you know it's the right time to get a replacement. These signs include circuit breakers that seem to trip more often than not and unusual sounds from the electrical panel. If you're having these or any other issues that appear to be out of the ordinary, let an electrician check out your electrical panel and complete the replacement if needed.

How Will the Electrician Complete an Electrical Panel Replacement?

You will need an electrician to replace the electrical panel because trying to do it yourself without electrical experience could easily put you at risk of unintentional electrocution. A skilled electrician takes certain measures to complete this job safely, including shutting off the power supply to the property, carefully disconnecting the worn panel and all its wiring, and then connecting the new panel. To connect the electrical panel, the electrician would need to work with multiple wires, ensuring they're all going into the right spots to provide continuous power to the home. Although it may sound simple, an experienced professional should be the only one to handle the electrical panel replacement.

It could be time to install a new electrical panel if it's old, making noises, or suddenly causing your circuit breakers to trip. Working with electrical equipment is risky, so it's better to request help from an electrician who can check your electrical panel and let you know if it needs replacing before removing it and putting in entirely new equipment.

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