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Why Your Light Bulbs Do Not Last Long

Do you keep a supply of light bulbs around because they do not last long before blowing out? Did the problem only begin to happen after you began to use a different wattage of light bulbs? If so, the bulbs might continuously blow out because you are using more watts of electricity than the fixture is designed to handle. You can attempt to resolve the problem by using a lower-wattage bulb, but such an electrical problem is dangerous. It's in your best interest to hire an electrician. The electrical problem you are facing might be more extensive than you know, especially if there are other electrical problems in your home. 

How Many Light Fixtures Are Affected?

Are the bulbs only problematic when they are placed in a particular light fixture in your home? If lower-watt bulbs blow out in that fixture as well, the fixture might be the root of the problem. If the bulbs are quickly blowing out in all of the light fixtures, it is possible that there is a widespread electrical problem in your home. Electrical problems are not typically minor enough for a homeowner to diagnose on his or her own. For example, electrical problems will usually require the expertise of an electrician who has the equipment and knowledge to diagnose problems that are hidden.

Do You Smell Burning in Your Home?

When there is an imminent risk of a house catching on fire due to electrical issues, a burning odor is sometimes present. In many cases, it is difficult to identify where the burning odor is coming from. However, even if you know where the odor is coming from, it does mean that the particular fixture or outlet is the only electrical problem present. For example, the fixture in which the bulb blew out could have electrical problems that cause wires further within the walls or ceiling to become damaged as well. Your entire home could have damaged electrical wiring that an electrician must repair as soon as possible.

How Often Does Circuit Breakers Trip?

If circuit breakers have begun to constantly trip, it is a warning that your home is at risk of catching on fire. If there is one particular breaker that trips, the electrical fixture, outlet, or light switch that is connected to that breaker needs attention. For example, the fixture in which bulbs constantly blow out might cause a circuit breaker to trip. Even if you believe there is only a minor problem present, an electrician should be called.

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