4 Ways An Electric Company Can Help You Save Money In The Long-Run

High utility bills can be a significant source of financial strain for many homeowners. From making smart appliance purchases to investing in energy-saving solutions, there are many ways that homeowners can reduce their utility bills and start seeing savings. Electric companies provide a range of services and solutions that not only save homeowners money but improve comfort, safety, and convenience. Let's take a look at four ways electricians can help you save money in the long run: [Read More]

Dangers And Causes Of Electrical Arc Faults

An arc is an electrical discharge; an arc fault is an unintended electrical discharge in a circuit. The electrical discharge occurs when electricity jumps between two electrical conductors separated by a short distance of high resistance. Causes of Arc Faults An electrical arc usually occurs when something forces electricity to jump to another conductor and flow through a poor conductor. Below are examples of faults that create such situations. Accidental Cable Damage During Construction [Read More]

Why Your Electrical Outlet Does Not Have Power

If an electrical outlet lacks power, but the rest of the house doesn't, you are probably dealing with a localized problem. Below are common causes of such problems.  Problems at the Circuit Source In some cases, you might think an outlet has malfunctioned while, in reality, the problem is elsewhere in the circuit. The problem can be anywhere between the electrical panel (where the outlet gets its power) and the outlet. [Read More]

Why Your Light Bulbs Do Not Last Long

Do you keep a supply of light bulbs around because they do not last long before blowing out? Did the problem only begin to happen after you began to use a different wattage of light bulbs? If so, the bulbs might continuously blow out because you are using more watts of electricity than the fixture is designed to handle. You can attempt to resolve the problem by using a lower-wattage bulb, but such an electrical problem is dangerous. [Read More]